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Samurai Time:

This App “Samurai Time” is developed in Japanese language, however it will be developed in English in near future. We would like to explain briefly about the contents of “Samurai Time” in English for your review.

This app is produced base on a philosophy of time to their lives, by considering their own birth and death dates.

We live as if we are going to live forever and spend time without thinking. Things we should have done yesterday we leave for today and things due today we leave for tomorrow. Time flows differently for everyone. Time is a constant. It can go fast or slow. A more creative solution can be found in the Traditions of Japan! This is “Samurai Time”. The way of the Samurai means to be facing death.

Those who control time, control life! This App is developed for those who wish to cherish life and time.

By using the Samurai Clock in the app, you can get the following four different types of times.
1. Yourself-determined
2. Heaven’s Date
3. Event / project completion
4. Chances to see the“Sakura” blossom

In addition to the above Samurai Clock, we installed in the app the following three functions;

Two table lists of “Kokorozashi” (kinds of Vision, Devotion and/or Determination) where user can record their history or memories to find their own “Kokorozashi” and to show or appeal the own “Kokorozashi” to others.

Samurai Timer: A great timer covering more than ten thousand years. User can record their individual important events in their life that will show up with a photograph in a long chronological table from the BigBang to Life in space station. The table will dictate time passed from the past individual events and time left until the future individual events. Some users may use this Samurai Timer for their Actor of the favor, the Scientist that they respect and records of favorite sports games.

A beautiful video film explaining the above mentioned philosophy of time to their lives will make people happy by feeling the past memories and future events.

These functions are created by using unique capabilities of iPhone device and iOS so that users can remind their time and “Kokorozashi” at any time and in any place.

Copy rights of this app: 2017 MEKIKI CO.,LTD.

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