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The Tomzy Apps Series

Numeric Memo Reminder

icon_a_maru.pngicon_a_maru.pngThis App provides a memo pad designed specifically for recording numeric numbers. The Tomzy Numeric Memo provides a numeric keyboard at the outset so that users can enter numbers easily and at once.
This app may be used to record the departure times of a bus or train or the telephone number of a friend. This app has started selling January, 2014.
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Device Practice Learner

5.pngI wish to create an app where aged persons can learn how to handle standard apps and handheld devices without any assistance from young people by doing practice sessions on the device with video and voice guidance. It may be called the “Tomzy Apps Practical Learning Series.” Its Japanese edition will be issued in January, 2015.

Calendar Practice App

7.png7.pngAged persons may not use the standard calendar app without guidance. I would therefore like to create an app that instructs users how to use the calendar by video.

Dictionary of App Terms

8.png8.pngA dictionary of app technical terms for handheld devices will be added to my Tomzy Apps Series, so that aged persons can easily understand words used in modern society, via voice and video explanations.

Time and Date Reminder

1.png1.pngThis app can record the time and date for important events, such as Homecoming, grandchildren’s school events, or a radio broadcast to be shared with a friend. It has been developed in order to reduce the stress felt by aged persons who worry about forgetting these appointments in the week ahead. This app will remind the user the evening before the event. I hope to have this app on the market soon.

Voice Reminder for Going Out

4.png4.pngAged persons must pay important attention to possessions like their wallet, bus ticket, hospital card, etc., when leaving home. However, checklists of belongings are not useful for senior persons, because they cannot focus on small characters appearing on a handheld device screen. (Young app creators often do not understand the feelings of aged persons in this regard.)
This app will remind users not to forget something by reading out a list of their belongings repeatedly in a clear voice. Do you think you might use this app when it appears on the market?

Simple Calculator:

2.png2.pngThere are many kinds of calculators on the market with a variety of styles. As a result, senior persons experience uneasiness when trying to use them. I therefore wish to create an app that allows people to understand clearly what the device is doing.

Camera Practice App

6.png6.pngSenior persons may not use the standard camera app without guidance. I would therefore like to create an app that instructs users how to use the camera by video and gives them a chance to practice.

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Numeric Memo Reminder