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Concept of Tomzy App


I am a 78 year-old businessman who is creating a series of iPhone Apps for aged persons:

It is my belief that a lot of senior citizens wish, in their hearts, to be able to use handheld devices such as the iPhone and iPad. However, they have in reality given up hope of ever being able to use these kinds of devices. Although they may wish to ask for the help of their sons or daughters, they do not even know what questions to ask.

On the other hand, their sons and daughters perhaps feel they have no time to support their senior parents who may not know how to use a basic cellular phone.

Therefore, I decided to create two kinds of Apps for the Aged as follows:

1. Simple function:

Apps should be very simple and with a limited single function. Even persons who are unfamiliar with handheld devices can easily manage them without any help from others, if this app has been installed.

2. Education how to operate:

Apps are focused on educating how to operate the iPhone or iPad so that aged persons can handle, without any assistance, basic standard functions which are provided by Apple Inc. or other major apps on the market.


Key Points to create these Apps for aged persons:

I will create my Tomzy Apps by considering the following points in order to eliminate the worries of aged persons so that they can operate such devices easily and without any fear.

1. Any touches:

The biggest worry of aged persons is that they might break these devices through their own mishandling. Therefore, the apps will notify them that “Any touches on the screen will not break the device.” by text advice as well as voice advice.

2. "Go Back" button:

If senior users are faced with a new page unexpectedly, such aged persons may become confused and feel unhappy. Thus, it is very important that users be able to return to the original page at any time by touching a “Go back button” or other such indication. I will never create an app where a user may face a situation that requires the help of another person. Even a small and simple button by which users can return to the previous page can provide immense relief to aged persons.

3. Explanation by Video:

I will insert an explanation by video and voice as often as possible, so that aged persons may understand how to use the app, step-by-step. The technical terms will be replaced with common words or explanations. I am planning to create an app in future that will feature a dictionary containing the technical terms of handheld devices.

I wish to create apps which can be operated by aged persons without any assistance by young people, once the apps have been installed by young people for these same aged persons.


I think that an input system of text by voice installed to iPhone 5 is surely very good news for aged persons:

I found that a friend of mine showed a strong interest in an iPhone when I demonstrated the function of a voice input system. He has never before shown any interest in an iPhone, however, once he realized that he can input text by voice, he believed that he might be able to use an iPhone by himself.

Therefore, I decided in mind that I would create an app by which anybody can learn how to input text by voice. It may take some time, however.


What Tomzy (that’s me!) should do with his life

The work to create apps for the iPhone will be a pleasurable way to enjoy my old age and do something good for the world. A key motivation for taking on this new challenge to create apps is that I feel I now have something important to do in my final years.
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