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Profile of Tomiji Suzuki, Creator of the Tomzy Series of iPhone Apps:


Tomiji Suzuki (Tomzy)

The above photograph shows Mr. Tomiji Suzuki in April 2010, holding an iPad just imported from the U.S. after the announcement of its release. Mr. Suzuki was enrolled in an iPhone programming school at the time.

As you can see, I have a strong interest in the latest new devices and innovations. I started using a Mac computer in 1995 when I fled Kobe for a district of Tokyo, just after the massive earthquake. I was 60 years old at the time, and the Mac computer helped to heal my soul, which had been damaged by the earthquake. Since then, Mac machines have been my lovely friends.

Since I was a child, I have always been happy being the first to know about something new. I believe it is my purpose in life to “help spread progressive ideas and technologies throughout the world.”

I attended a session with young people in January 2011, where I was asked after a meditation, “What would you do if you realized you would die at the end of this year?” I had been very happy until then, thus I could not think of anything I should do. Then I recalled with regret that I had failed to create iPhone apps, even though I spent of a lot of time attending programming classes in 2010.

I realized that this would be the one and only regret in my wonderful life. So I made up my mind to rededicate myself to creating iPhone apps for aged people throughout the world.

With the help and encouragement of Mr. Masahiro Mizutani, who is my friend, a classmate in 2010, presently a lecturer at the school, and himself a creator of apps for kids (Please refer to ), I am now creating apps. Mr. Yuta Fujii is also assist me for programming of Xcode.

Development of iPhone apps is the pleasure of my old age and is work that should be done for society during the remaining years of my life. “Before dying, there are things what I should do”, is the starting point of iPhone application development for me.

【Experiences in childhood】

I was born in 1935 in Kiryu City, Japan as the youngest son of a serious father, Tokuhei Suzuki, in a large family with 5 brothers and 4 sisters. My mother was very busy working in a textile factory, so I was brought up on the back of baby sitter.

I experienced some unique circumstances growing up: a militaristic education, termination of war in the 4th year of primary school, extreme difficulty in obtaining food, and a change in the education system which put a new emphasis on individual freedom over group responsibility.

【Educational background and Employment history】

Tokyo Institute of Technology mechanical engineering course, Mitsubishi Corporation, and an American firm in Arizona, The Larson Company.
During my career, I engaged in overseas negotiations with partners of 22 different races in 14 countries.

【Present activities and other things】

As part of my active life to help others, I am involved in creating websites and related endeavors.

I am undertaking the editing of a Web magazine, TERAKOYAJUKU,

I am involved in the creation of iPhone applications for seniors with the “TomzyApps” brand.

I am participating in local community activities for crime and disaster prevention.


Wife and 4 children, along with 8 grandchildren.

【Goal, etc.】 

Goal: “To help spread progressive ideas and technologies throughout the world.”

Favorite word: “Challenge”
My website:
My Literary work in a mail magazine:
“Motor Vehicle Export Tale”

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